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Story behind the app

Ouriel, Damien & Mickael realized that besides the fact that they had many friends, they were confronted with situations where they needed a tool to find other people :

Ouriel lived in Argentina for two years, it was surprisingly easier for him to find a job (he worked with Argentinian entrepreneurs) than meeting new people to do the things that he likes : playing tennis, climbing, organizing gateways, discovering the alternative scene …

Damien love playing soccer and every week he is spending time sending sms, mails, giving calls to complete his team or help friends doing so.

Mickael never want to stop the party, go out, meet people, but many of his friends can’t follow his rhythm, or always have a good excuse (their girlfriend or playstation) not to go out !

Together they worked hard to offer the easiest and funniest App to discover what happens around you, motivate friends and find new people to share experiences.

For remarks or meeting up, please contact us on :

What do people think?

@Tripnco, I am new in Paris, and I find this app amazing ! I even met open minded Parisians ;-)

Leslie P New York City, USA

@Tripnco, now, I find tennis partners easily and play every week !

Antoine B Paris, France

I follow friends and clubbers on Tripnco, I always know about the best spot for the w.e.

Amit R Tel Aviv, Israel

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